The Neighborhood Beautification Program is a Community Development Organization whose mission is to Buy & Renovate the Outdated, Vacant, or Otherwise Distressed House-Making Your Neighborhood Even Better!

This program is fully funded & sponsored by Diamond Equity Investments.

People Call the Program for 2 Reasons:
1. Sell a House Needing Repairs (they own the house) CLICK HERE
2. Refer a House Needing Repairs (they do NOT own the house, may or may not know the owner.) USE THE FORM ON THIS PAGE

If they know the owner, it would be very helpful if they could provide an
introduction to the owner or just provide their name and number along with the address.

However, if Callers prefer, they can Submit Anonymously-providing you with only the property address.  This is good enough-our company will research the owner and reach out to them directly.

If Caller is Asking a Question You Don’t Know How to Answer, Say:

“I’m not sure about that, the Program is actually handled locally at each regional office of the Neighborhood Beautification Program.
If  you’d like, I can take a message and have our local administrator call you back.  So I can route this message correctly, can you please tell me which is the closest city to you, Atlanta, Chicago, or Philadelphia?”

(Enter the name, message, & phone number in the form on this page )

Refer a House Needing Repairs


Alena Grant
Atlanta Program Administrator


Kimberly Lillie
Chicago Program Administrator

New Jersey & Delaware

Ryan Baker
Philadelphia Program Administrator